A 68-year-old woman sang an old hit as the judges jumped out of their seats.

The heroine of today’s story is Jenny Darren. She appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and surprised the musical’s judges. For her performance, the 60-year-old chose the song “Highway To Hell” by the legendary group AC/DC. It should be noted that with her performance, the woman was able to literally blow up the Internet.

In a nutshell, Jenny knows rock music well. The British began to take an interest in singing at the age of twelve. She was raised on the songs of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and Jeff Lynne. By appointment – ​​types of application

Academic and pop music. According to the content, there are lyrical, epic, dramatic genres, as well as marching and dancing. By place of performance – genres of theatrical and concert performance, cinema, etc. Musical genres are constantly updated and developed. Thus, music is an art in which reality is reflected by means of artistic sound images. It mainly targets the emotional and moving sphere of a person. Vocal art is the oldest representation of music. It’s the art of transmitting

The iconic content of a musical work by means of a singing voice. Through words and intonation, the sound takes on a soulful dimension. Singing according to the number of performers is divided into solo, together in the form of a duo, trio, quartet, quintet and choir.

They practice singing with and without instrumental accompaniment, with text and without words (vocalization). Depending on the mode of execution, the song can be folk, academic, pop. According to timbre and pitch, female vocals are soprano, mezzo-soprano, male – tenor, baritone, bass.

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