After cleaning the small apartment inherited from his grandmother, the man found a safe under the carpet. What he found in the safe surprised him

How interesting it is to explore old abandoned buildings and areas. After all, you can always find something interesting and maybe valuable.

That is why there are so many adventurers and treasure seekers among people. However, the young man did not have to go far; he discovered a valuable treasure in his grandmother’s house. Where did this story begin?

We all have grandparents and many of them live in villages in old houses or estates. Many older people like to accumulate old things. This is a constant search and preservation of items that lead to clutter at home. At the same time, grandparents firmly believe that this item will be useful or valuable in the future.

Alternatively, they may claim that things are unique, have sentimental value, or are irreplaceable.. There is no practical use for things for a long time, but if they remind people of some significant period of their life or a memorable event, they will definitely to be kept.

Therefore, labor medals, gifts from friends, notebooks, personal diaries and stupid souvenirs from foreign trips accumulate on the loggia in boxes. However, the rubbish in the grandmother’s house is not always obsolete unnecessary garbage. The young man inherited his grandmother’s house and went to see what condition it was in.

The last time he was in the village in childhood, so the house became unfamiliar to him. The young man began to sort out old things and decided to make repairs in the house, turning it into a summer house. The whole house was covered with carpets. Тhe young man began his cleaning from the carpets.

Under one of the carpets, he found a round metal hatch. At first glance, it looked like an entrance to a cellar or a pantry. However, opening it, the guy was taken aback. There was a huge safe with old chests under the ground. His grandmother kept collections of old coins there. Among them were silver and even gold coins, which were preserved in excellent condition.

This was a real treasure. In addition to the collections, the cache also contained ingots of silver, which were of great value. It was surprising that in such rusty chests everything was preserved in good condition. The young man did not expect to find so much valuable things in the old house. Grandmother left him not only a house, but also money capital.

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