This bridge in Vietnam is so unusual that you’ll want to walk right away!

In our wonderful world, there are a lot of remarkable places, both natural and man-made. If earlier times natural attractions were considered human hands, today, with the development of technology, more and more amazing structures and buildings make the most beautiful places on earth.

One of the complex and beautiful human inventions are bridges. Bridge architecture is no less impressive than sculpture, painting or music. The author has to think over not only the artistic expressiveness of his future structure, but also deprive him of practical shortcomings.

Aesthetics of balance between appearance and technical characteristics, the ability to find creative forms and unusual design solutions where there are strict limits and certain conditions – this is also Great Art. There are bridges in all countries and big cities. They are built not only based on necessity, but also for beauty.

One of the latest creations is the yellow bridge in Vietnam. The bridge is located above the city park and fascinates with its beauty. Traveling in Vietnam will be incomplete if you do not visit a unique place located on a mountain cliff. Near the resort town, a huge bridge was built in the form of a golden thread, which is held by giant hands .

The bridge is constructed well above sea level and is held up by huge stone pillars which give the structure an even more majestic appearance. All stone parts of the bridge are treated with concrete and planted with grass in some places. It seems that the bridge is very old, although it was made relatively recently.

When tourists are on the bridge, they feel like they are walking through the clouds like deities living in the sky. After such a walk, memories for a lifetime remain. Especially tourists fell in love with this bridge for incredible photos. The place is amazing.

The arms are made of stone, and the facings are specially made of materials that give them an ancient look. After the opening of the monumental structure, the number of tourists in the country increased sharply. The bridge has become very popular not only among local residents, but also outside the country.

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