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Grand-moms and granddads play essential role in the life of children. Their participation in the life of grandchildren plays a decisive role. After all, grand moms and grand dads have a completely different approach to raising children by virtue of their wisdom and life experience. They do not deal with organizational issues of study or sports sections. These questions are within the competence of mothers and fathers..

They bring up moral aspects in children and teach them to appreciate kindness and family traditions. Grand-moms and granddads have the opportunity to simply love their grandchildren, give gifts, spoil with goodies, read fairy tales and tell about the history of the Family. Children who have Grand-moms and granddads included in their lives differ from children whose

Grand-moms and granddads have limited participation in the upbringing of their grandchildren. These are only rare visits and gifts for the New Year and birthdays. When children grow up, they have the warmest memories of childhood, especially if there were old generation in this childhood.

Parents should not forget about this inextricable bond. It is not permissible to limit the communication of children with grandmothers and grandfathers. Why are these relationships so important?
First, it is, of course, love and support. Grandmother will always console, listen, and treat the child to delicious.

Children can tell grandfather about tricks without fear of getting too severe punishment. Moreover, doing homework also often falls on the shoulders of grandmothers. They always pay more attention than busy moms and dads.

Secondly, this is the connection of generations, which grand-moms and granddads can keep. Young couples are not always interested in the history of their family; they will come to this later. In addition, grandmothers and grandfathers can tell the child not only about what his father and mother were like in childhood, but also about those who have long been gone.

Ancestral memory rarely covers more than 3-4 generations, and therefore it is so important to remember at least what they know, the keepers of traditions and family customs. In addition, communication with child prolongs life. Young people help grandfathers and grandmothers to more actively master the modern world and technology, share their experience and make them to feel themselves younger and more cheerful.


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