Timid 6-Year-Old Girl Looks Soulfully Into Judges’ Eyes Then Belts Out Song They’ll Never Forget

The old saying “Kids should be seen and not heard” became a little more outdated after a recent episode of The Voice France. Maybe the saying should be changed to “Children should sing a little more.”

That’s the impression audiences were left with after hearing a six-year-old named Gloria sing the song “La Vie en Rose.” The song means “Life of Pink” in English and was a tune popularized by talented French vocalist Edith Piaf.

Gloria doesn’t have the experience of an in-her-prime Piaf, but the young girl did quite good. Gloria was nervous at first — apparently very nervous — but quickly became comfortable singing in front of the three judges and the packed studio audience. Her rendition of the song quickly captivated all those listening to it.

The judges silently sang along with Gloria. One judge even grabbed her own heart to reveal the singing touched an soulful chord. Once the song ended, the studio audience gave young Gloria a standing ovation.

We can only imagine the full reaction of the television audience watching the performance. Gloria did a excellent job! TV audiences may see Gloria again on The Voice France. If she proves to be a big hit, the producers would surely bring her back.

Is this the beginning of a long career for Gloria? It may very well be. If she continues to mesmerize audiences, she could eventually become as known as Piaf.

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