After helping the man, the girl found the note he had left and read it. What was written on that paper was just exciting

When we say benevolence, we sometimes mean the capacity to love, the capacity to forgive and the desire to give towards the other. It often happens, you help an elderly person cross the street, or you give your seat in transport to people older than you, or you offer candy to a small child and hear this expression, ‘thank you, you are very kindly ‘. Yes, of course, these are all good deeds that deserve praise. Respect for elders is also a manifestation of kindness.

Respect and loving attitude towards children is another manifestation of kindness. It is unlikely that each of us has not met such a person. And if you met, what did you do in such a case? Before I remind you whether such a case happened or not, or think about what you would do in such a case, let me call your attention to a case that happened in America.

A girl named Kelly used to walk down the same street every day on her way to college. Every day he met the same boy named Tom. Tom had no home and spent the night on the street. Each time, Kelly passed indifferently until the day she met him in the same cafeteria. Seeing that he wanted to buy something, but he didn’t have enough money, he tried to help and pay for it. During the meal, they discussed and got to know each other.

Tom told about his dreams, his youth, his student life. And now he had no house or money. After a long conversation, Kelly rushed back to college. She was eager to notice the piece of paper with Tom’s handwriting. After a few days, she found it and read it.

Tom was thanking Kelly for the kindness that had given him the strength to resume a normal life.
This story is a real fact and proves that kindness is not only materially useful, but also puts someone on the right path in life.

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