Mom is so young that it’s hard to figure out who she is. And you found out which one is mom?

Each era has its own criteria of beauty. Our time is one of harmony, sportsmanship and grace. It is difficult for a girl to meet such a criterion, and even more so for a woman who is a mother and mistress. Our heroine’s name is Jessica and she lives in America. Jessica is a sweet mother of three beautiful daughters. Her eldest daughter is already 25 and the youngest is only six. How old is Jessica? She is 45 years old and it is incredible. The woman looks amazing.

Looking at her family photo, among the three young daughters, it is difficult to understand where the mother is and where the daughter is. Of course, Jessica did not achieve such results immediately. The young mother has gained a lot of weight. Caring for her daughter took a long time, but the woman was able to find time, organize her life and find time for education. Gradually the weight began to disappear, and Jessica saw in the mirror an amazing girl with a model figure.

The birth of her second child did not prevent her from regaining her figure. Thanks to sports and training, the woman looked slim and elegant. Now Jessica has three daughters and four sons, they all live in America. Jessica passed on her love of sport and self-discipline to her children. They all play sports. Jessica is a great example for her daughters, because from childhood you have to stay in shape. Only then will exercise become a habit. Jessica’s day begins with exercising and running on the treadmill.

The whole family supports her and never ceases to admire her. Also, a woman pays attention to diet and proper nutrition. Jessica does not hide her beautiful figure, she sets an example not only for her daughters, but for all women in the world. She maintains her blog on Instagram and has many subscribers.

A successful mom gives practical advice to everyone, makes training and nutrition programs. Every girl strives to be beautiful and slim, but not everyone gets it by nature. Sometimes we have to work on ourselves to have a good body. The most important thing is not to be lazy and not to give up the sport halfway. After all, any achievement is the result of hard work.

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