Mother and daughter live in their small house surrounded by nature. The interior of their tiny house impresses everyone

Recently, more and more people want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They just want to pick things up, throw them in the trunk and leave the monotonous routine of the city behind.

Running in circles forever, home, work, home and no significant change for a long time. Many ceased to please and became commonplace. Going to the village and staying there to live becomes a dream. The city doesn’t even sleep at night, the lights, the noise of cars.

Endless renovations from neighbors, conversations behind the wall and the sound of TVs on. Noise, din, slamming of the entrance doors and the sounds of the opening of the elevator.

Megan and her six-year-old daughter Sloane

And sometimes we want silence. Successful young mother and careerist Megan has taken the big step and moved with her baby girl to live in the forest. They settled in a small house, which has all the necessary amenities. Megan switched to remote work and started spending more time with her daughter.

She was tired of constantly running around and wanted a change. Moving towards nature gave her the opportunity to find peace of mind, balance and harmony. Physical activity, calm, quality sleep and the opportunity to do what you love relieve the chronic fatigue characteristic of a city dweller forever.

Tiny house

The first time Megan and her daughter were busy decorating their home. The house is two-storey with a small area. On the first floor there is a living room with a soft sofa and on the second floor there are two small bedrooms.

The house also has a small kitchen and a bathroom. Megan realized how beautiful life is. According to her, she has regained peace of mind. The nature that surrounds her hypnotizes and she wants to live forever, to enjoy the moment.

They spend all their time walking in the woods, in the mountains, or just spending an hour on the veranda. In addition, Megan began to understand her daughter better and a relationship of trust developed between them.

Megan and her six-year-old daughter Sloane

In a constant rhythm of work, one does not notice the unfolding of life. In large metropolises, people live at a frenetic pace and it is impossible to be distracted for even a minute.

It is very important to take a vacation and relax in nature or to settle there permanently, as Meghan did.


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