For years, a man collected pennies a day. And finally he decided to open it after 45 years

People are born gifted with their own unique talents and abilities. However, some abilities or skills do not find their practical application, so they often turn into a hobby.

Do you know what a hobby is and why is it necessary?
A hobby is a certain activity that brings moral satisfaction to an enthusiastic person, makes his life richer and more interesting. In addition, the hobby helps to expand the mental horizons of a person, helps to find new friends. Very often, a hobby becomes an important part of a person’s life and is of great importance to him.
The main purpose of a hobby is to bring joy to a person, to help distract him from problems and relax.

However, certain hobbies, such as crafts, can also bring tangible benefits. A craftswoman can indulge herself and her loved ones with exceptional handmade objects. In some cases, the hobby becomes a source of income.

There are many kinds of hobbies, one can collect pictures, another can listen to music, keep animals, etc. American Otto Anders has developed another interesting and at the same time strange hobby. In 1970, he decided to save some money to start a business. He started collecting coins, each coin being worth 1 cent. For 45 years he saved his coins and got a whole stack of them. He collected them in boxes.

He decided to finally open the boxes after 45 years and take them to the bank to exchange them for cash. The bank employees were surprised to see so many coins. They have never seen so many pieces. After a long discussion, they gave the owner 5000 dollars coins for them.

Naturally, you think that 5000 dollars in 45 years is not such a big sum, but you should consider that each time it saves 1 penny. He always dreamed of a vacation, but never allowed himself such pleasure to save money. Now is the time for him to do whatever he wants.


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