This couple has 7 children. 5 of them are even. The couple is happy to have so many little ones

A large family always has its own methods and tricks to save time and manage everything. Chad and Emy Kempel have seven children and are truly one big family. When Emy got pregnant for the third time, they already had two lovely growing daughters.

Chad and Emy always dreamed of three children, but after the birth of two daughters, Emy could not get pregnant for a long time. And here comes the long-awaited pregnancy and unexpected news. During the next examination, doctors said the couple were expecting five babies. Despite the fact that they weren’t ready for this turn of events, they were still very happy. After the babies were born, happy parents plunged headlong into baby care.

incredible parenting hacks

Coping with five babies is very difficult, so Chad decided to help his wife. The father of many children used his imagination and began to rearrange the space around it so that it would suit his whole family: he installed protections throughout the house, made special furniture and found her own way of feeding five children at the same time. To help other parents cope with their babies, Chad and his wife Emy started creating helpful hacks and posting them online. The very first thing he made was a big playroom where all the kids can be safe at the same time.

To get around comfortably and travel with the whole family, Chad had to convert his car. Thus, the public transport van turned into a baby bus, where he equipped chairs for each baby, a separate changing table and a television. Moreover, with the advent of quintuplets, a lot more things appeared in the apartment. To speed up the process of collecting and dismantling, Chad built special shelves and accessories himself, since such structures are too expensive in stores.

A separate merit of the family man is a single table for food. At first, Chad and Emy tried feeding the quintuplets separately, but later built a handy structure that was put together in 30 minutes. The table welcomes all the children at the same time. But even with seven children, Chad managed to set a world record – he ran a marathon pushing a stroller with quintuplets


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