Four costume-clad toddlers take to the stage to impress the audience with their fluid skills

Parenthood can sometimes be a difficult experience. But once in a while, you have a moment that confirms to you that being a mom or a dad is worth it.

Consider preschool programs. Preschoolers are at an advanced age where you can gently poke fun at them by putting them in silly situations on stage.

While you may not have high expectations for preschool performances, this video will change your mind.

In this performance, four charming little boys are serious. They are all dressed in costumes and holding a chair as a prop.

These youngsters show unbelievable pace, coordination and even professionalism for their age.

The first preschooler enters as the piano begins to play a cheerful melody.

He walks to the music while holding a chair in one hand. He then sits down and claps his hands on his knees.

This repeats three more times when his classmates join him on stage, each with their own little chair.

You have to admit, seeing such young boys in suits is just too cute.

The children are fully dressed in white shirts, black pants, vests, shoes and bow ties.

They are even dressed in top hats.
The boys are clearly excited to be on stage, but they’re focused on their routine and don’t have time to say hello to mom just yet.

The guys start their routine after they’ve all lined up.
It’s really simple, although some skills are required. The boys knock their knees together, walk around the seats, and move their feet left and right toward the middle.

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