He saved for two years to get to the world games

The passion for football knows no bounds and as the World Cup in Qatar approaches, football fans are packing what they need to enjoy the games and support their favorite team. One man didn’t want to miss out on the experience, so he saved in his piggy bank to afford to travel to the Middle Eastern country and by “breaking the bank” he collected a considerable sum. Through his TikTok account (@yorchaguilar13), Jorge Aguilar shared his excitement at attending the biggest football party in the world.

The plastic was inscribed with “Qatar 2022” and inside were coins of different denominations that Jorge collected to add to his World Cup expenses. In the shared footage, he leaves the entire contents of the container on the bed, only to later begin to recount the result of his efforts.

In a second video, he showed the organization he had. He separated the ten-peso coins and the five-peso coins for better control. He then collected them into piles of 10 pieces, then put them in bags of one thousand pesos (about $50) each. In the end, he managed to collect 32,220 pesos (about $1,640).

The video where Jorge breaks the piggy bank has exceeded 18.5 million views. Although it seems that with the money raised, it is barely enough for planes, he had already planned his trip for months. In previous posts, the man testified to how he virtually queued up to buy tickets for games. In the same way, he showed his followers the arrival of his Hayya Card by parcel, the accreditation that grants him various advantages during the World Cup.

‘Race, he said he already had flights and accommodations. This saving is a supplement for meals and souvenirs; ‘The SAT: for me?’; “I’m happy, I hope you enjoy it and have a good trip”; “But that’s just enough to go to the beach around the corner, right?”


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