His wife built him a bar inside his house to spend more time with him

The young man decided to offer them the house of their dreams and the renovation is simply incredible. Nanay and Tatay were poor and didn’t have much. But it was enough to change a boy’s life. The Filipino couple adopted a baby boy and gave him everything they could. And although his life was not easy growing up, Jayvee Lazaro Badile II became a successful man.

As he climbed the social ladder, Jayvee swore he would provide a much better life for the two people who loved him more than themselves. And boy did he. Although it’s been a long journey, Jayvee Lazaro Badile II has just bought her adoptive parents their dream home. In a Facebook post that eventually went viral, Jayvee shared a photo collage with her adoptive parents.

“Nanay is a saleswoman, Tatay is a doorman,” he wrote. “Now that I have the chance to pay them back, I’m going to make sure they live their dreams better than they could ever imagine.” “I was 3 months old when Nanay and Tatay adopted me,” Jayvee said. “Life was very difficult. She had to work as a student and we were happy that Na could cook 2 meals a day. Besides that, we lived in a 20 square meter apartment.

When the family took him in, they didn’t have much, but they were willing to give him absolutely anything he needed, even if it meant taking the bread out of their mouths to give it to him. The house Jayvee bought for her parents looks like a mansion, it has 7 bedrooms and pretty much everything you could possibly need. Jayvee also takes her adoptive parents on trips around the world and spends as much time with them as possible.
When this couple adopted Jayvee, they surely imagined everything, but never that her life would be transformed in this way.


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