The boy makes special beds for animals and other things from tires, the demand for which has increased significantly today.

A young Brazilian has taken an original, useful and economical initiative to help preserve the environment and avoid the untimely elimination of substances that affect the atmosphere. It is a very creative proposal, and there is no doubt that its contribution to ecological well-being is unquestionable.

Amarildo Silva is only 22 years old and lives in Paraíba, Brazil. For the past year, he’s been doing commendable work reusing old tires to make comfortable, inexpensive pet beds. Grateful pets, people and the environment have welcomed this new way of finding a new use for a product that is no longer useful for the purpose for which it was made. Since its launch, Amarildo has sold over 500 units. “I just don’t sell more because I don’t have the structure to sell outside the state, but there are many people asking from all over Brazil, even from many countries in America, from Europe and Asia.”

The lack of time and the poor infrastructure are not a reason for him to stop working as a craftsman and independent trader, because even working as a cashier in his business, he manages to use his mornings to make the beds. , choosing from all available materials those that best suit your purpose, always caring about durability and reuse, which otherwise would end up in landfills, rivers, sewers or the atmosphere; sustainability themed cubes using old tires”.

Amarildo came up with the idea for pet beds when he was looking for a way to earn extra income for his family by using the trash people throw in the streets and picking it up himself with the help of loved ones. . material, either on the street or in vacant lots, in needy communities and on the drainage of waterways.

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