A mother with many children lived with her children in a dilapidated house, but kind people helped with the repairs. The new house is unrecognizable!

Sylvie suffered much in her life. She became an orphan at an early age.

It is so hard without parents, dear people that are always by your side in any situation.

When the girl was 2 years old, she was adopted, but the child never felt much love..

> >

She knew all the bitte rness of life. She really wanted to create her own family and give her love to children.

Not getting any love she wished to present her love to others.

Poor girl married early to leave the house where she was not loved.

Unfortunately, the first marriage ended quickly. Her first husband di-ed tra-gically.

The woman was left alone with her daughter. The cruel rock followed her..

After some time, Sylvia married for a second time.

So three children were born in the family, two boys and a girl.

Her life seemed to be happier. But he second marriage turned out to be a trag-edy for the wife:

the husband began to drink and vented his anger on his wife and children.

> >

The woman was forced to flee him with the children.

Sylvia has been on maternity leave for a long time and has not found a good job.

Her malicious fortune didn’t want to leave her. His funds were enough to buy a dilapidated house in the village.

The accommodation was only 25 m2, there was only one room, and the facilities were in the street.

Instead of a bathroom. They took a bath in a baby tub.

> >

They had no any utilities. Sylvia did her best to rectify the situation,

but a mother of many children without higher education was not hired for serious work.

She didn’t lose her hope even in this hard situation.

The children often had health problems, and the constant sick leave angered the authorities.

The family had absolutely no money for repairs.

Then the authorities of the village sent a letter to the program “Our New Home”.

They told about a family that really needed help, and the producers decided to help Sylvia with the kids.

There are still kind people in the world.

They arrived and met the family, realized that the woman was very fond of children.

They found themselves in such a difficult situation.

Then we decided to rebuild the house and do some repairs.

Very soon the old house was simply unrecognizable.

The builders increased the living area of the house, added an attic and a veranda.

Now the family has a bathroom in the house and a place for comfortable living.

She lives in good conditions now. It is her great love and faith helped her to survive and overcome all the difficulties.

The house has been equipped with a room for Sylvia’s work.

She is a hairdresser. Now the woman can work at home and take care of the children.

Children have a nursery with everything they need.

Each of them sleeps in his own bed and can study at a comfortable table.

God is great and merciful! May all the people in the world find their place in life and be happy.

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