The husband kicked his wife out of the house, leaving her homeless. And she built a triangular house in the garden

The husband kicked his wife out of the house, leaving her homeless. And she built a triangular house in the garden..

It often happens that having lived with a person for many years you don’t know him at all.

One day he shows his real face. This is what happened with the heroine of our article.

They lived with her husband for 50 years, then he found a young lover and decided to divorce.

Katie did not object. However, the ex-husband obtained the house during the divorce proceedings and left her a small plot in the garden,

knowing quite well that the wife would not be able to use it. However, he did not know his wife well.

> >

Her pride was hurt, he proved to be more resourceful and shrewd than he could have expected.

unexpectedly for her husband, Katie decided to build her own house on this small piece of land.

She placed the house in front of the windows of her husband’s house.

She painted the back wall of the house black, leaving her ex-husband’s house in darkness.

She is very clever and creative. Her years taught her wisdom and her kindness won.

His apartment had an area of 100 square meters and two floors.

> >

The house is made in the form of a triangle, the very first floor goes to the basement.

There is a bathroom and a WC. There is a comfortable kitchen, a comfortable bedroom and a living room.

The husband could not stand the presence of his ex-wife and simply left his house.

And his ex-wife’s luxurious home has become a highly prized architectural masterpiece.

> >

The cost of this triangular dwelling is estimated at $514,000.

By the way, Katie still sold the house to get rid of unpleasant memories.

And for the new owner, it is a work of art. It is really the truth we don’t know people we’re living with for ages.

The dear person can be very cruel to you and we must be strong and resist the unfairness of life.

Anyway everyone gets what he deserves and her husband is not an exception.

It is very important that she didn’t lose her time on malice but proved everyone that she can survive even being betrayed.

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