A passerby found an old wallet with a note about marriage and connected people who got lost 77 years ago

There are many touching love stories that we almost once heard in our lives. But this one really makes people believe in miricals.

This is a story about a man who accidentaly found a wallet lying on the road. There was only money and a letter inside it, but no documents.

The letter was old but it seemed like had been read for several times a day. It was written in 1944..

The passerby who found it decided to read it and after reading it he was so deeply touched by that love story that decided to find the owner of the wallet.

It is about a couple who lost contact about 77 years ago. It was written by a girl whose mother forbade her to see with her beloved one.

In the note she confessed that loved him and always would.

> >

The passerby found the telephone number on the envelope, tried to contact with somebody, but unfortunately was

informed that the woman had sold the house 30 years ago and at that moment she is living in the nursing house.

It was rather hard to find the address of that institution but luckily he found it. To his surprise he found a

very gentle and kind woman, it was Anna who so many yars ago wrote that letter..

> >

She described the real situation and explained that in 1944 she was in love with a man and was about to marry him

but parents were against it because she was only 16 years old at that time. So she wrote a letter to him and never saw hima again.

She said frankly that till now she loves him. After listening this kind of love story the man had to leave

the old lady and while waiting for the taxi by chance he heard the conversation of the security guard ,

who said with surprise that saw that wallet in the next retirement home building.

> >

Without waisting time the man rushed to the next building, where he found the old man’s name Michael Goldstein.

The man explaind the whole story and said that Ann is still waiting for him.

The meeting of Michael and Anna remained in the memories of all the guests of the estalishment. Unable to utter a word, they stood facing each other.

The next day they got married and left to their home living happily ever after.

Concluding we can say that true love won and thanks to that man who acciddentaly found it.


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