With one click, the daughter revealed a family secret unknown even to her father. More precisely, it was the secret of three families at once.

The American thought all his life that he was the only child in the family, but it turned out not to be so. It turned out that he has two younger brothers, and found their daughter of a man – for this she needed to make just one click of the mouse.

Mel Adler from Florida grew up as an only child in the family and never thought that he might have brothers. However, everything changed at the end of the summer of 2020, when his daughter suddenly decided to take a DNA test and find her likely relatives.

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I checked on a specialized website for genetic matches with others who had undergone the procedure, after which I immediately called my father.

The daughter called and said, “Hey, you won’t believe me. Sit down. I found my uncle,” said Adler.

For Adler, the news was doubly surprising, because, in addition to finding a brother, it became clear that he himself was an adopted child. But these were not all surprises.

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After Mat contacted his daughter Todd, who was discovered, it turned out that there is also a third brother – Randy. At the same time, they lived in a neighboring city, just like the mother of a man who did not know about her all his life.

It turned out that Todd and Randy grew up together in a complete family with their mother and father, and Mat appeared long before their birth and the marriage of their parents, therefore, in order not to be subjected to public condemnation, Adler’s then unmarried mother gave him up for adoption.

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Neither Todd nor Randy, who considered himself the oldest, knew about the existence of an older brother. Parents never told about Matt to them or to other relatives.

The most shocking thing about this discovery was that I am no longer the eldest of the brothers,” Bartlien said.

Despite the mother’s secret, the brothers are sure that she wanted to reveal it to them, she just didn’t have time – the woman died in 2016, and her husband when Todd and Randy were children.

Now the brothers are planning to catch up and have already made a joint cultural program – they will fish, play golf and compete in marksmanship at the shooting range for a whole week.

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