Simon insists that the girl wear makeup. The judges are silenced due to the transformation.

They say appearances don’t matter, but for Simon Cowell, they can be everything. First impressions can have a lasting impact on you, and they can even taint your opinion of someone who is completely incorrect. For many years, makeup has been used to provide a “top fixative,” if you will. Many actors have used it to help them portray their characters better.

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The way you behave in public is an important part of making a good first impression. You might be the most talented person in the room, but if you’re too nervous people will think you’re insecure because you’re not good enough. It’s not that makeup or a new haircut will change who you are, but studies have shown that people who feel better about how they look do better when it matters.

Samantha Lavery, 17, tried to create a character she thought was that of a pop star when she auditioned for ‘The X Factor UK’. She tried to impress the judges with heavy eye makeup, a leather jumpsuit and curly hair, but to no avail. She was not chosen and was sent home in tears as the disappointment of not being able to compete hit her. She was puzzled as to what was wrong. Was it her makeup choice? Were his clothes inappropriate? She had no choice but to abandon her dream of the day and return home to reconsider her options and the path her life was going to take.

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After a few weeks, she received a phone call from Simon informing her that she had received a “Wild Card” to audition one more time. Samantha couldn’t believe her good fortune and was soon on her way to Simon’s mansion in Malibu for a second chance at fame.

When she arrived for the audition and took the stage, it appeared she hadn’t learned her lesson. She wore heavy eye makeup, teased him, and wore high heels again. Simon was again unimpressed and was told to remove the mask. “I feel like I haven’t met the real you yet,” he said scathingly. You could see the emotion welling up in young Samantha’s eyes, but this time even Mel B, one of the other judges, agreed, and Samantha left the stage to rehearse for the audition.

When she returned to the stage, the judges were surprised by her natural beauty. “You took off the mask and revealed the real you,” exclaimed a delighted Simon. Samantha then gave the performance of her life, leaving the judges in awe of her immense talent.

Click on the link below and enjoy this incredible beautiful 17-year-old transformation.

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