The girl did the impossible, rejuvenating the 80-year-old granny twice. But this is not magic – only cosmetics were needed

The makeup artist decided to please her elderly aunt and managed to rejuvenate her twice with the help of one cosmetic. But the most amazing thing is that for this she did not need a lot of makeup – she used only make-up tricks, which she willingly shared with others.

Julia Stronach, a makeup artist from the Scottish city of Aberdeen, has been creating natural looks for girls all her life, which has earned her a reputation as a professional. In 2019, her aunt Sandra turned 80 years old, and the woman came to her niece with a simple request – to brighten up the bitter date by returning her youth.

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The girl willingly fulfilled the desire of her beloved aunt, but shared the result with people only on May 25, 2020. According to Julia, Sandra herself did not want to look like a “painted old lady”, and Stronach accepted the challenge.

Despite the fact that the skin and facial structure of each person is unique and Julia chooses cosmetics based on these innate features, she has a few universal tricks that she applies to everyone.

Aunt was no exception. Stronach argues that visually refreshing the face is much easier than aging, and this is what many unconsciously do.

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First of all, the girl applied a thin, even layer of foundation to the granny’s face – she distributed the foundation not only over the entire area of \u200b\u200bthe face, but also along the neck – this helped to visually even out skin tone and create the illusion of youth.

Then the girl prepared a mixture of matte eyeshadows, choosing the right shade, and applied eyeliner directly to her open eyelids – Julia claims that if you draw closed eyes, pulling back the skin, they will visually look older.

And, finally, the master applied false eyelashes to the aunt, cutting them in such a way that they thinned to the edges. Stronach paid special attention to the eyebrows and lips – it was these parts of the face that made it possible to achieve the greatest effect of rejuvenation, she assures.

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The girl made Sandra’s eyebrows thick and light. A good and strong forehead instantly returns a person’s years and creates the appearance of youth and health. Sparse light eyebrows need to be softly corrected with a few brush strokes with a light brown product, said Julia.

As for Sandra’s lips, the girl painted them in an unnatural color, but only affected their middle part – the so-called “Cupid’s bow”, since the lipstick on the edges of the lips only emphasizes age-related changes and makes the smile “broken”.

A few finishing touches with bronzer powder, and voila – an 80-year-old old woman lost a third of her age at once, while maintaining a natural appearance. Compare yourself.

Julia claims that the transformation of her aunt is a merit of genetics, because Stronach did not try to change anything in Sandra, but only emphasized the bright features of her face, hiding weaknesses. This is the secret of the master’s technique.

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