To go for what she did, you need to have a very big heart

An incredible amazing story about an amazing girl who gave everything she had to help stray dogs. In 2014, she created a stray dog charity called Golden Heart Rescue Group. Now, this is her whole work and life. Volunteers help up to 200 dogs per month.

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For days they wander around the back streets, doing their duty and doing at least something that they can to facilitate their wandering lives. The girl’s name is Ning Xi, she is 24 years old. She says that many people don’t like stray dogs, but she is kind to them no matter what.

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It happens that they bite her, it happens that allergies arise from the hair of some dogs. Ning Xi loves them anyway. Some say that she wastes time on nonsense because they will be shot or put to sleep anyway. However, the young woman feels that this is her duty. She dreams of saving everyone she can.

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She had to put everything on the scale in favor of her shelter: according to Nin herself, her whole body hurts from constant stress, and she lost her beauty and reputation. And money. No one will want to marry her, Ning sums up her sacrifice so sadly. Her parents’ shop is not doing well, as it is always full of dogs. Nevertheless, it is her parents who support her.

Most do not like that she loves animals so much. They believe that she loves animals more than people. More recently, Ning received a small gift – a girl found a child on the street and decided to become a mother for him. Now she has a little consolation and a little family!

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