A 23-year-old mother has given birth to babies born every 480 years

The birth of twins is always an exciting event for both parents and doctors. But in one small town in the Czech Republic, an unusual event happened that happens only once every few centuries.

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Alexandra Kinova, when she found out that she was in a position, was incredibly happy with such good news. The pregnancy went well because the girl was young and healthy. Sasha treated her interesting situation very carefully and reverently, and when during the first ultrasound she found out that she had more than one baby under her heart, she calmly reacted to this news.

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Since twins were already born in their family, she and her husband were only glad that they would become parents to several babies at once. But, as it turned out, other news awaited them ahead. When the term became longer, the doctors saw that the woman would have four children! But here, Alexandra showed calmness, did not worry but decided to more thoughtfully and carefully prepare for the upcoming birth.

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The girl passed all planned examinations. And somehow, at one of these sessions, the unexpected was revealed! Doctors have already counted five babies. The girl couldn’t help but cry. Not from fear, but rather from happiness. After all, not every woman is chosen by the Universe for such a mission – five twins are born only once every few centuries.

Both the future parents of large families and the entire hospital staff prepared very carefully for the upcoming meeting with the kids. Doctors from other cities of the Czech Republic specially came to the hospital to see the birth of this miracle.

The whole country followed the birth of these babies because according to the statistics that have been maintained since 1949, such a case has not been recorded. Alexandra and her husband had 4 sons and 1 daughter. They called the children sonorous names – Daniel, Michael, Martin, Alex, and Teresa. And the newly-made parents with many children received a lot of congratulations and gifts, both from local residents of the Czech Republic and from the state.

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