The couple adopted a brother and sister and abandoned the third child

Spouses Amy and James have always dreamed of a big family and planned to create one someday. They met at an early age and now they were already planning children.Amy was able to bear children, but she dreamed of giving a home to the kids who were abandoned. She wanted to give them the warmth they weren’t given. After the life of the spouses was established, it was decided to go to the baby house and take the child. There they met a boy named Casey.

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He was then only 8 months old, and his own mother abandoned him, because she could not support him and generally led a wild life. The family adopted the baby and soon found out that Casey’s unlucky biological mother was pregnant and was going to leave her second child after birth. After long family gatherings, it was decided to take the second child after birth with her. The woman had a daughter, whom the new parents named Seira.

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The kids grew up healthy and loving. Parents doted on them, but they had already begun to think about their own children. Previously, they did not want to give birth, so as not to oppress the adopted babies, and now, when they feel great in a new family. The parents could afford it.James and Amy were planning a baby when they found out that their children’s mother was pregnant again. She was about to leave her child for the third time and suggested that the couple adopt her baby again. And how did she get the nerve?

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The couple thought for a long time and soon decided to refuse this woman. They really wanted their child, and if they took the 3rd, they would have to postpone the pregnancy. And the years go by and Amy is not getting any younger. And besides, it would be extremely difficult to pull out four children.

Parents do not forbid their babies to communicate with the biological mother and her other children, but James and Amy did not dare to take them under their care. But did they do the right thing by separating the relatives? Is it even worth it to do so? On the other hand, a third child would put an end to all their plans and would have to raise someone else’s child for several more years until he grows up.

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