The nurse returned from work and screamed, not recognizing the bedroom. She did not make the wrong house – it was a surprise from the children

The Tiktoker decided to surprise her mother, who works as a nurse and fights COVID-19, and secretly arranged repairs in her room. It took 12 hours to complete the transformation of the premises, but the reaction of the mother, who returned from work, was worth it.

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During the difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic, people around the world are praising the heroism of healthcare workers. TikTok user Laura Davidson has found a special way to thank her mother, who is fighting alongside other nurses on the front lines in the city of Glasgow.

The girl said that the parent works without rest six days a week for 12 hours a day, and Laura, together with her brothers, decided to surprise her mother. The woman had long dreamed of making repairs in her room, and the children decided to take advantage of this.

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When one morning my mother left for work, the girl armed herself with a good mood, building and decorative materials and set about transforming her room. Before changing the bedroom, the girl photographed it, and then documented each stage of the transformation.

Together with her brothers, Laura freshened up and painted the walls.

I installed a new bed for my mother and hung curtains.

The Tiktoker did a great job during the 12 hours that her mother spent in the hospital, and you can see the results “before” and “after” in her video.

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The girl could not leave the video without continuing and later showed the subscribers why she started repairs in the bedroom. She captured on camera the first reaction of her mother, who entered the room and saw the change.

Still dressed in her nurse’s uniform, Laura’s mother was visibly taken aback and kept screaming “Oh my God!” She tried to hold back her tears, but it was difficult for the woman.

It’s hard not to shed a tear from the woman’s reaction, and it’s completely impossible to overestimate the contribution of doctors to the fight against coronavirus. However, some actions of medical workers are still surprising.

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