A woman spends quarantine with her new and ex-husbands and five children

An American woman lives in the company of her new and ex-husbands, with the latter’s girlfriend and five children, whom they all managed to give birth to, but this is not a crazy sitcom, but forced isolation. However, quarantine with these people taught the woman an important lesson.

Katie Blackmer from Tennessee, USA, did not plan to continue communicating with her ex-husband Stephen, but now she lives under the same roof not only with him, but also with his new passion, writes The Sun.

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Katy met Steven when she was 18 and she was working in a bar. A year after they met, the couple got married, and before the marriage fell apart, they managed to give birth to three children.

If he said the grass was green, I objected that it was blue just to argue. Our relationship became terrible and we broke up in 2015.

Then it got worse: Katie started dating Stephen’s friend Ben Blackmer and married him, which angered the ex-wife even more. A year after this wedding, the ex-husband and wife were still able to talk and began to maintain polite neutrality.

And then Stephen had an accident and was seriously injured. The man lived alone, but due to an accident, he needed care: he could neither walk, eat, nor wash on his own. Katie and the couple’s three common daughters took care of him, and since then he has taken root in the house of his ex-wife and her new husband.

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On this, the replenishment in the camp of the woman’s household did not end. Her ex-husband recovered from his injury and found himself a new girlfriend. She turned out to be Kathy’s school friend Brandy. This relationship became serious, and the couple even began to look for a home.

The housing had to be large enough, because Brandy had two small children, and his three daughters from Kathy came to live with Stephen, because they shared custody of them after the divorce equally.

But the house could not be found, there were no suitable options in Tennessee, and Brandy and her children moved into the house with Katie, Ben, Stephen and the three daughters of the former spouses.

Then quarantine came into the life of this unusual family, and all five children stopped going to school. This is where the madness began.

All my girls are athletes, they went from competitive cheerleading, baseball and softball training to nothing, so they have a lot of excess energy,” Kathy said.

At the same time, all adults continue to work. We’re all in the essential worker class – I’m an accountant, guys fix ambulances, and Brandy works in a nursing home. So we needed a special plan.

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Now they are all on duty at home for weeks, and five unoccupied children are wreaking havoc around them.

They literally quarrel over everything – they sneer about who looks like whom, who interfered with whom, who finds fault with whom. We had to break up their big kickball fight in the backyard because one was uncompetitive and the other two weren’t serious about the game. The girls unite against their younger brothers. The boys want them to play baseball or video games, but the girls are not interested, and then the guys start to get bored.

It turned out that being in the same house at the same time is difficult for adults.

When we’re all in the same house together, it’s a fight to see who gets to the bathroom first, especially if someone else is already taking a shower.

Katie admitted that in these difficult times, everyone’s patience runs out quickly, and this leads to quarrels. In addition, the family had to rationalize the consumption of food and household items, up to the rationing of the amount of toilet paper for each visitor to the restroom.

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