Adorable albino twins are already 11 years old: How they look and live with their rare beauty

Lara and Mara Bavar are 11 years old. They were born into an ordinary family in São Paulo, both with a complete absence of melanin pigment. Their skin, their hair is white, although their features are very similar to those of their sister Sheila, who was born black. Because of this, the sisters look like copies of each other in the negative.

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If the birth of an albino child is likely in 1 case in 17,000, then the probability of the birth of albino twins is even difficult to calculate. It is not surprising that three labels became interested in these sisters at once – Nike, Insanis and Bazaar Kids. Photographer Vinicius Terranova invited the girls along with his 13-year-old sister Sheila for a professional photo shoot, and after the final shots were published for the first time on Instagram, they instantly received several thousand likes.

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“Their beauty is not so much unusual, but simply rare, we are not used to seeing this every day, but it should be illuminated, should be noticed. This is a kind of statement about how diverse beauty can be, how majestic and perfect. “11-year-old girls themselves talk about their future very optimistically . Now they want to be actresses and models.

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“I like to learn new things. I like to design dresses, I like to pose, to play in front of an audience. When I grow up, I will probably become a stylist,” says the older sister of the twins. that both sisters regard their appearance not as a flaw, but as a wonderful gift that makes them special. “We like to live with such an appearance,” Mara confirms this thought. “We like to stand out and we are happy that we have such a unique beauty.”

Although the girls were born in Brazil, their parents are from Guinea-Bissau. Growing up in Brazil has been a very positive experience for them – they are loved by their family, admired, complimented.

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