3,800,000 views! A children’s dance that is worth watching several times. She’s truly amazing… watch her video and smile


The video commences with vibrant music and a young man putting forth his best effort to captivate his partner, who is adorned in a stunning dress. He gracefully moves around her, encouraging her to join him and showcase their collective abilities.

The pair of youthful dancers present a variety of choreographies and intricate movements, drawn from complex adult dances, for almost 13 minutes. They perform to several compositions, including “Rayony-Kvartaly” by the group “Zveri,”

3,800,000 visualizzazioni! Una danza per bambini che vale la pena guardare più volte. È davvero incredibile... guarda il suo video e sorridi.

3,800,000 views! A children’s dance that is truly worth revisiting. She’s absolutely incredible… watch her video and let a smile brighten your face.

“Karnaval” by Philipp Kirkorov, “Long Tall Sally” by Cagey Strings, “Sway” by Pussycat Dolls, “Tacatà” by Tacabro, and the renowned “Do You Love Me?” performed by the Dirty Dancing Orchestra.

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