A 5-year-old sensation captures hearts with a flawless performance of Dolly Parton’s iconic song.


Children often provide a variety of responses when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Even though they are still developing, there should be no hindrance to them determining their aspirations. Two-year-old Violet, a toddler, adores the exceptionally talented singer Dolly Parton and occasionally mimics her in front of the camera.

Unaware of Violet’s talent, her dad Ryan and the rest of the family were surprised when her aunt decided to share a video of Violet singing one of Dolly’s songs on the internet. The family received an unexpected call from Ellen DeGeneres soon after, inviting them to appear on her show.

Ryan, being a local musician, exposed Violet to musical performances from an early age. When asked on the show why she loves Dolly, Violet gave straightforward answers: Dolly has a beautiful voice and is involved in charity work.

Remarkably, Violet’s interest in the star grew after reading a book about Dolly’s charitable endeavors, and she even had an interesting anecdote about Dolly’s life. It appears that the adorable toddler did her homework. As the baby girl starts singing during the show, her performance is impressive! Watch the video below and feel free to share your thoughts in a Facebook comment!

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