A girl dared to sing one of the heaviest songs in the world. A Couple of Notes And The Judges Jumped From Their Seats.


Eleven-year-old Serena from Pisa who came to the Next Star talent show surprised the judges with her amazing performance.

Her artistic nature manifested itself from the first minutes.After the performance, they stood up and started applauding. The audience fully supported her with applause.

The talent show has always been popular, because this is how we get acquainted with various types of art. With their help, you have the opportunity to have fun, relax, enjoy the performances of very popular and talented people or just to live your emotions. And people who are really well-known and have special skills in a certain field of art can gain an excellent reputation, recognition and a typical artist’s path all over the world.

Participation in the talent show can be considered a happy and guaranteed ticket, which promises wide chances for a happy life. Sometimes people with a real gift appear here and so the world learns about the real talents who were in the shadows .

Some professionals have never seen or heard of such a thing in their entire career. And all this applies to the charming girl Serena Rigachi from Pisa. The world first heard about her when the little singer was only eleven years old. He appeared in one of the shows on “Next Star”, which was quite famous at the time. And this decided his future fate in music.

Serena was very confident and calm on stage, she had a special stage pose, even when the judges started applauding her and everyone present could not hold back tears. This emotional performance will definitely surprise you, so we advise you to watch the video below.

The young man needed only two words in the hit song to make his first impression on the judges and the audience, of course, it was positive. Everyone in the room just exploded, and that was just the beginning. The judges immediately jumped to their feet as soon as he started cutting the words of a girl with such a practical talent, and the audience continued to shout Serena’s name, but master after master.

Serena Rigacci – Whitney Houston – “I will always love you”

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