A group of hikers walking through the forest discovered a shoe shaped building. They decided to go inside


We come across many unusual-looking dwellings, which attract us all with their appearance. They found an attraction with a similar unusual appearance. A group of researchers found another attraction in the English countryside within the framework of the “Abandoned Great Britain” project.

The original giant shoe-shaped structure was found in the desert near a cliff. Project participants generally do not report the coordinates of their findings. The poem, The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, is dated 1794, although its authorship is unknown. It tells about the mother of a large family who lives with her children in a shoe house. In a later version it was published in the book “Christian Mother Goose”, edited. In particular, the last line has been changed to creation. If in the early period it was written that the mother used other methods to send the children to sleep, then in 1901 the old woman no longer behaved like this before the children went to sleep, but “kissed them with joy”, apparently, over time, the methods of education were softened.

The building that was found was not in a very good condition. Only the front part of the “shoe” was well preserved. The wooden roof and the interior of the house could simply be destroyed. Members of the search team posted a photo on their Facebook page and asked for help from users to find out the history of the house. It is interesting that the opinions of subscribers were different. Some of the followers reported that a woman actually lived here earlier, around the 50s. Others claim that the shoe house is actually part of a children’s theme park.

As the researchers found out, both were correct. Indeed, according to the scant data, the team still managed to confirm that a woman really lived here in the middle of the last century, as well as the fact that her house later became part of a gaming attraction in the 70s and 80s. Be that as it may, today the mythical house is in need of a thorough restoration, because, tangled with dense mosses and creeping greenery, it seems to confirm the fact that sooner or later nature will win.

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