A teenager who faced bullying due to his stuttering silenced everyone with an epic song performance.

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Life’s challenges are unique to each individual. What may seem insignificant to one person can be a daunting struggle for another. Take public speaking, for example. While it might come naturally to some, for others, it’s a terrifying prospect. Harrison Craig, a contestant on The Voice Australia, embodies this reality with his inspiring story.

From a young age, Harrison battled with a stutter, enduring the cruelty of childhood bullies who targeted him for being different. Despite his passion for singing, he nearly gave up on joining a choir due to his struggles. Thankfully, his mother’s unwavering support kept him going.


At just 18 years old, Harrison decided to audition for The Voice Australia, choosing to perform “Broken Vow” by Josh Groban. From the moment he began singing, his clear and powerful voice captured the judges’ attention, surprising them with its maturity and strength. His performance earned him a well-deserved standing ovation.

Harrison’s journey highlights the transformative power of music. Despite his stutter, his singing remained unaffected, giving him the confidence and strength to pursue his dreams. Witness his remarkable audition below:

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