All Judges Swiftly Hit Their Buttons Upon Hearing Just Five Words of the Iconic 1966 Tune


Originally released in 1966, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” stands as a timeless soul and R&B masterpiece crafted by James Brown and Betty Jean Newsome. The track soared to the top of the R&B charts and claimed the eighth spot on the Billboard Hot 100, fueled by Brown’s impassioned delivery and the song’s profound lyrics.

When Jimi Bellmartin graced the stage of The Voice – Senior with his rendition, he faced the daunting task of living up to the legacy of this iconic track. And boy, did he deliver – his performance was nothing short of phenomenal! Clad in his distinctive turban and tunic, Jimi immediately captured the attention of both judges and audience alike.

This standout audition from the inaugural season of The Voice – Senior remains etched in memory as one of the most remarkable performances ever witnessed. Hailing from California, Jimi, a 65-year-old singer-songwriter, showcased his versatility across various genres including blues, country, rock, and jazz, continually impressing the judges with his unique interpretations of classic hits.

His journey culminated in a well-deserved victory as he clinched the title in the show’s finale. With his voice perfectly suited for the chosen song, Jimi’s rendition of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” remains unforgettable. Take a moment to watch the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section on Facebook!

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