An emotional audition brings her to tears, but her subsequent performance will leave you utterly speechless.

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Although Dolly Parton wrote and originally recorded “I Will Always Love You,” contestants on The Voice franchise often opt to perform it in the style popularized by Whitney Houston, which presents a greater challenge compared to Dolly’s original rendition.

In a memorable moment on “The Voice Australia,” Maddison McNamara took on this iconic song. Starting without any instrumental accompaniment was a bold move, allowing her voice to take center stage but also leaving her without the support of instruments. The pressure became overwhelming for a moment as she broke down emotionally.

However, when she continued, it was sheer magic. Despite the initial challenge, Maddison’s voice was flawless. Judge Boy George, the only one with an available spot on his team, hit his buzzer, and Maddison delivered a stunning remainder of the audition.

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