At the public piano, two 6-year-olds steal the spotlight with their amazing skills. VIDEO

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They will never forget the spontaneous show that a bunch of consumers put on. Some people need many years to develop their piano playing technique. So you don’t anticipate hearing a sound that is way out of character for a very young child when you see them seated in front of those familiar black and white keys.

At the tender age of six, most of us were playing in the mud or sticking gum in our sister’s ear, but other kids pulled off some truly incredible artistic feats. We can only awe at their capacity to motivate people everywhere. Two young people show off their skills. When two six-year-olds settle down to play the piano at San Francisco’s Broadway Plaza in the Bay Area, onlookers can’t help but pause and listen.

A rapidly growing audience is astounded by the level of talent displayed by one child as he runs his fingers across the keys with ease. This incredible virtuoso goes viral. Paul Petrescu is one of the pianists. Paul’s interest in the piano began during the pandemic when his parents purchased a keyboard to use during lockdown.

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