A 13-year-old girl tears up as she performs an Andrea Bocelli classic.
On Australia’s Got Talent, a very exceptional thirteen-year-old girl’s vocal prowess wowed thousands of viewers. Paris Morgan has always wanted to perform for audiences.
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We all love watching the great acts on the talent shows and once they start, you can usually tell how good the act is going to be. Well here’s one that
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Roberta Battaglia was just 10 years old when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent! Her cover of A Star Is Born hit, ‘Shallow’ earned her the GOLDEN BUZZER!
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It is well recognized that Britain’s Got Talent provides a fantastic venue for discovering amazing performers, singers, musicians, and even magicians.
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Audience laughs at farmer’s wife when she takes the stage until her singing blows them away
At a music competition in France———- a woman shocked the audience and the judges with her voice. An elderly woman named Jacqueline came to the show to perform.
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The Beatles has to be one of the most influential bands in the history of music. They are one of the best-selling bands ever, and they have influenced