Bristol unveils the world’s narrowest house – among the most unusual homes on the planet


Who the hell would live here, and why was this house built?

It’s hard to believe that anyone could live in this incredibly unusual house after taking one look! Check out the images in this article!

Bristol is home to one of the most unusual and bizarre houses on the planet. It is surprisingly narrow, measuring no more than 60 centimeters, making it difficult for anyone to imagine that someone could ever live here.

Andy Watson, 59, is the owner of the house and, interestingly, he has lived there for around 20 years.

When the man’s brother visited him one day, he was intrigued and wondered how anyone could live there.

The grandfather was speechless when he saw the apartment complex where he lived because he was so shocked.

He said he had never noticed it before and felt very comfortable in the place.

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