Childless couple decide to adopt triplets, but suddenly become parents to 6 children


American couple Andy and Sarah Justice dreamed of having many children.

But Sarah couldn’t get pregnant.

A few years later, the husband and wife went to the doctor. He made a disappointing diagnosis: Sarah is sterile.

This upset the couple. But soon they decided to adopt a child. In the United States there is such a practice: a woman, even at the stage of pregnancy, refuses a child in favor of someone. Andy and Sarah found such a woman.

But after a while, it became known that the judges’ “godfather” was expecting not one, but three children.

This news only delighted the couple.

After all, they just dreamed of many descendants. As a result, the woman gave birth to two girls and a boy. But that’s not all.

Very quickly, Sarah was surprised to learn that she was pregnant. And not just one, but two babies. But the surprises didn’t stop there.

A year later, Sarah became pregnant again. As a result, in just two and a half years, the judges became parents to six children.

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