In a collective audition, 12 men delivered a chilling rendition of “You Raise Me Up.”

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The Got Talent franchise has provided countless individuals worldwide with a golden opportunity to showcase their talents, highlighting the incredible hidden abilities that exist among us. With its diverse formats spanning different countries, age groups, and specialty shows featuring previous winners, the franchise truly celebrates talent in all its forms.

In this particular video, a group of 12 men ranging from ages 21 to 31, known as The Kingdom Tenors, took the stage and delivered a flawless performance of one of the most challenging songs: Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up.” Forming a V-like shape before they began singing, their cohesion and harmony were evident from the start.

Their choice of such a difficult song speaks volumes about their vocal prowess and confidence. The vocal range and execution displayed by each member of the group were nothing short of remarkable.

It’s acts like these that inspire and pave the way for the next generation of singers. Witness their breathtaking performance in the video below, and please share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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