Model with the most non-standard forms: how this woman looked before plastic surgery

Allegra Cole has always dreamed of being a model. However, she considered herself not attractive or beautiful enough for this profession. It seemed that Allegra didn’t like almost anything about herself. Therefore, in her 30s, she decided to undergo plastic surgery for the first time.

After her first operation, she developed a form of addiction to surgery. Allegra changed almost everything about herself. After six plastic surgeries, Cole looked completely different. She acquired a huge bust and dramatic curves. However, Allegra remained unhappy with her appearance and was planning another surgery to achieve her envisioned perfect figure.

Recently, a rare photo of Allegra from her past appeared on the Web. Users saw what she looked like before the plastic surgeries and found that Cole was quite an attractive woman.

In contrast, Allegra transformed herself significantly. Despite the drastic changes, she now feels happy and confident. Allegra perceives herself as beautiful.

What do you think? In what ways do you find Allegra beautiful?

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