Shy 8-Year-Old Overcomes Nerves, Leaves Judges Speechless with Stunning Finish

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Got Talent is renowned worldwide as one of the most popular TV shows, with spin-offs in over 58 countries. Distinguishing itself from typical talent competitions that often focus solely on singing or dancing, this series allows contestants to showcase a diverse range of artistic talents on stage. The video below showcases a heartwarming performance from Bulgaria’s Got Talent that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Bulgarian singer Polly Ivanova stole hearts when she appeared on the show at just eight years old. Despite her tender age, Polly managed to captivate the judges with her endearing performance.

She sang her rendition of “Listen,” a powerful ballad famously performed by Beyoncé Knowles in the 2006 musical film Dreamgirls. The song garnered widespread acclaim, including a Grammy nomination.

Despite struggling to pronounce some words correctly, Polly’s performance was nothing short of remarkable. Both the audience and the judges were left in awe by her talent and charisma. Prepare to be enchanted by Polly’s performance as she undoubtedly wins your heart too!

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