The captivating voice of an 11-year-old immediately grabs the attention of the judges, prompting them to swiftly turn their chairs.


This excerpt is from The Voice, where judges make their decisions without seeing the contestants beforehand. If multiple judges turn around, the contestant selects their preferred coach.

Despite being from The Voice – Kids Edition, the judges are clearly impressed by young Georgia’s voice. Her sultry, velvety tenor could easily be mistaken for that of a seasoned jazz club singer rather than an 11-year-old contestant.

What enhances Georgia’s performance even further is the fact that this competition takes place in Germany, where English is not her first language. This clip is sure to evoke nothing but respect for this young singer.

This stands out as one of the finest performances on a kids’ talent show. You can watch the full video below and share your thoughts on Georgia’s talent by leaving a comment on Facebook.

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