The judges were initially captivated by the mesmerizing voice of the first sister, but their amazement reached new heights when the second sister began to sing.

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The renowned show La Voz thrives on its mysterious nature. At its core, this singing competition challenges judges to evaluate contestants’ performances solely based on their voices, without the influence of physical appearance.

This season’s panel comprises country singer Blake Shelton, Maroon 5 member Adam Levine, pop star Miley Cyrus, and singer Alicia Keys. It’s always intriguing to witness their reactions as contestants sing, though it’s rare for the judges to be truly taken aback once they’ve turned their chairs. However, there’s always room for a first-time experience.

When sisters Shannon and Whitney took the stage to perform the classic Fleetwood Mac song “Landslide,” the judges were left in awe. Shannon’s solo was beautiful, but it was Whitney’s addition that truly mesmerized them, showcasing their seamless vocal harmony.

As the sisters concluded their performance, the judges turned to face them, offering a standing ovation. Subsequently, during the deliberation session on Thursday, they showered Shannon and Whitney with praise.

However, the toughest decision remained: choosing a coach. After a brief discussion, the sisters ultimately selected Alicia Keys, who expressed her delight at having them on her team.

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