“The power of love”: this woman married a widower with 6 children. How she lives now.


Anton and Anna were already parents to triplet sons when they discovered Anna was pregnant again. To their surprise, history repeated itself, and they soon found themselves raising a total of six children – three sons and three daughters.

Their family bliss, however, was short-lived as Anna was diagnosed with cancer. Tragically, she passed away shortly after giving birth to their second set of children.

Left alone with the responsibility of caring for all six kids, Anton bravely took on the challenge of single-handedly raising his children.

News of Anton’s story reached many, and he received numerous messages from women eager to help and step into the role of the children’s mother. However, one woman stood out – Lyudmila.

During their first date, Anton didn’t go alone; he brought all his children with him. It proved to be a pivotal decision, as the children quickly formed a strong attachment to Lyudmila and didn’t want to be away from her.

Recognizing the deep connection, Anton and Lyudmila decided to build their lives together, eventually getting married.

Lyudmila also had a son from her previous marriage, who happily embraced the role of the elder brother to the six kids.

Feeling that seven children weren’t enough, the couple decided to expand their family further. They adopted two children from a low-income family whose parents had lost their parental rights.

In this way, Anton and Lyudmila were able to create a large, close-knit, and loving family.

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