They are teenagers! Octomom, Nadya Suleman’s sweet tribute to her eight babies when they are 13 years old


They look so grown up!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since ‘Octomum’ fame Nadya Suleman welcomed her eight babies as the world watched in fascination.

Already a mother of six, Nadya (who is now going by the name Natalie after publicly shunning the name Octomum) added to her brood an incredible eight babies at a time in 2009 thanks to IVF.

Today, on their thirteenth birthday, the infamous mom of multiple shares a sweet tribute to her “rare and unique” children as they enter their teenage years together.

Sharing an adorable throwback picture of her octuplets as toddlers as they cuddled up with their mom and dad Edward Suleman on the couch.

“Happy 13th birthday to Nariyah, Isaiah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, Noah, Josiah, Jonah and Makai!,” the 46-year-old wrote.

“You are all growing into some of the kindest, humble, grateful and loving human beings I have ever known. Each of you has rare and unique characteristics and is unlike any other child your age, especially in our society today. You are selfless, selfless, non-materialistic and loving, fearing, followers of God. I have never seen children who love and want to serve others (especially those less fortunate) so boldly and trust as each of you do,” she added.

The proud mother, who regularly shares images of her growing family on social media, ended by saying: “You are not followers of this superficial world, but of a God who created you and loves you unconditionally. I don’t know what I could have done to deserve to be blessed so abundantly. I love you ❤️”

In 2008, Natalie was implanted with 12 embryos by Dr. Michael Kamrava, a Beverly Hills fertility specialist who had also implanted her for her previous six pregnancies through IVF with an unidentified sperm donor.

She made headlines around the world and when she gave birth to six boys and two girls – Noah, Josiah, Nariyah, Maliyah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Makai and signed very lucrative deals to show off the babies , making the most of interest in her extremely rare multiple pregnancy and birth.

Nadya (Natalie) Suleman gained notoriety in 2008 when she had 12 embryos implanted and eight of them stuck together!

But life was not good for the 33-year-old and she turned to alcohol, drugs, had a short career in porn and ran out of money. At one point, she admitted that she was even suicidal because of the pressure.

“I have PTSD from all the journalists who have come over the years,” she recently told the New York Times. “I took whatever I could at the time and let them in. I was spiraling down into a black hole. There were no healthy opportunities for Octomom. I did what I was told to do and I said what I was told to say. When you pretend to be something you’re not, at least for me, you end up falling on your face.

Many wondered how the children would fare as they all lived in a small three-bedroom house and some had to sleep on the sofa – but she shocked everyone!

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Natalie is also mother to Elijah, 20, Amerah, 19, Joshua, 17, Aiden, 16, and twins Calyssa and Caleb, 14, who were also conceived via IVF.

The busy mum credits a raw vegan diet for all her children’s good behavior and says she has now avoided the limelight in a bid to raise them all healthily.

“My kids don’t get sick, and neither do I,” she told the NY Times. “Since day one, I’ve been giving them healthy food all the time. I hate cooking. I’m not domestic.

She adds: “They are the only eight surviving octuplets in human history. I raised them to be wide awake.

Natalie works as a full-time counselor and

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