This 45-year-old mother of seven looks like her daughter

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The heroine of our story today is Jessica Anslow.The 45-year-old American looks much younger than her age, although she is raising seven children. The woman tells how she managed to get such an appearance on her Instagram page.

She started blogging after the birth of her seventh child. Then she surprised many with a surprisingly slim figure, by which you cannot say that a woman has given birth at least once.

She said that after the birth of her first daughter, Alicia, she realized how big she had become. She couldn’t get into her jeans, which almost made her depressed. But Jessica pulled herself together in time and played sports.

After the birth of her second child, she resumed exercises and quickly regained her figure.

Jessica said that after her fifth and sixth children, she worked out on a treadmill and did simple exercises.

She started with a moderate load in the usual fitness format, but then began to complicate her tasks. After the first serious success, Jessica hired a personal trainer.

At first she had to count every calorie, but now she has developed a plan for proper nutrition. A woman trains at least twice a week.

Looking at a joint photo of Jessica, 45, and her daughter Alicia, 25, it’s hard to believe that we have daughters with a 20-year difference.

Check out more photos of Jessica.

By the way, netizens appreciated his perseverance and commitment to excellence. More than 230,000 followers have already subscribed to his Instagram.

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