Today I was riding on the bus. At one of the stops, two kids got on. A boy approached to inquire about the fare, asking the driver, “How much for rides?” “9,” the driver replied. “And for sisters?” the boy asked. “15,” the driver responded. Then the driver said…


To say I’m in shock is an understatement… Today, I was riding a minibus to Rivne, and I was truly impressed by the driver. He greeted everyone kindly, replied with “You’re welcome” to every thank you, and was just pleasant throughout the journey.
However, when we picked up two kids at one stop, a boy came to pay for their fare, and the driver asked, “How old are you?” The boy replied, “9.” Then the driver asked, “And her?” The boy answered, “She’s 15.” That’s when the driver said, “Then it’s just one ticket for both of you.” I was pleasantly surprised by this.

As we continued, a long-distance bus blocked our way due to a breakdown. The driver asked them how much they needed. They replied that they had no money and wanted to get on. The driver said, “Just get on; you can pay for gas, and you’ll need the money for snacks.” I was in a pleasant shock.

Then, at the next stop, a pregnant woman got on and gave the driver money for the fare. He didn’t take it and told her to sit down, saying, “You’ll need that money for your baby’s needs.” I am in shock;

I so badly want to say a big thank you for being who you are, and I wish we had more people like you in Ukraine. May God always protect you and your loved ones. I

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