Unforgettable Performance: A Family of Seven Delivers a Stirring Rendition of ‘You Raise Me Up’ with Unmatched Emotion


Before you indulge in the song’s melody, allow me to share the heartwarming narrative the family wishes to convey. It’s a tale that imbues your listening experience with a profound sense of faith.

Joanna, one of the vocalists, reveals that during her childhood, she faced a dire health situation, battling chronic pneumonia while confined to the ICU, seemingly on the brink of death. Despite the grim prognosis from medical experts, Joanna’s parents clung steadfastly to their faith, placing unwavering trust in the divine providence of the Lord and maintaining a resolute focus on their prayers. Miraculously, Joanna’s family witnessed her recovery, bringing her home where she thrived and eventually blossomed into a performer, as evidenced by her presence in this video.

As you immerse yourself in the heartfelt rendition by the Blessed 7, it’s palpable how their gratitude extends beyond the mere appreciation for the song itself. It’s a gratitude intertwined with profound acknowledgment of the divine intervention that saved Joanna’s life when she was merely two years old and fighting for her survival in the ICU.

So, as you listen to the uplifting strains of this song, take a moment to reflect on your own journey, the moments of trial and weakness from which you’ve been lifted. Remember to express gratitude for the assistance and blessings bestowed upon you along the way.

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