Vocal prodigy leaves ‘Got Talent’ judges in a daze, “She is not normal!”


When this young girl fully expressed Nesun Dorma Holland had a sensational and unforgettable moment. Just a great opera performance that will make Giacomo Puccini proud.

The first person we think about when we hear “nessun dorma” is Luciano Pavarotti, who is considered a legendary opera tenor. The song got a completely different sound when Amira Willighagen released the sonar and angelic voice, which was able to awaken the whole stage.

The first line of the song sounded in a deep low voice. Amira raised her arms, gently shaking as she simply controlled her breathing.

While taking the third verse, one could hear the heavenly host helping and supporting him. At this moment, the judges and the entire audience were totally blown away by the heavenly host supporting him in the third verse.

Amira attracted everyone’s attention and her harmony simply burned the stage. Each second belonged to her, every word and the whole world was in tune with his singing.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath for a moment to prepare for her final speech which left the audience speechless. The singers sang to the fullest in an instant.
The young girl exploded with an incredibly high mark. She sang with all her heart and soul.

Amira Willighagen WINNER Finals Holland’s Got Talent 2013

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