With the mesmerizing voice of the young girl, the jury members were moved to kneel before her. This extraordinary performance has garnered 104 million views.

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The jury members were left astounded by the extraordinary talent displayed by the little girl as she took the stage on The Voice project, performing an original song by Alicia Keys. Chelsea, a seven-year-old, captivated everyone with her remarkable performance.

As Chelsea’s rendition filled the airwaves, two judges were quick to hit the red button, eager to have her on their team. The sheer brilliance of her performance compelled all three judges to press their buttons simultaneously.

Initially hesitant, the third jury member was soon swayed by Chelsea’s angelic voice and joined the others in acknowledging her undeniable talent. As Chelsea hit the final note of her song, a wave of emotion swept over the judges, leading two of them to fall to their knees in reverence for the young prodigy’s extraordinary performance.

The sight was breathtaking, capturing the hearts of the audience. Chelsea’s performance transcended the boundaries of the show, resonating deeply with viewers worldwide. Her remarkable talent quickly gained attention on the internet, with her video amassing an astonishing 104 million views on YouTube. This further solidified Chelsea’s status as a remarkable young singer.

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